Distributed circular manufacturing of your hardware. From batch size 1.

Refaqt develops microfactories for the on-demand circular production of mechanical components and products. Build your own FAQTORY or have your PROJEQT manufactured by our production network. 


Produce custom mechanical components easily and affordably

We build affordable micro-factories for local production and repair and share how we do it. Join us and copy our machines and solutions. Start with our 3-axis CNC milling machine and produce metal components with high quality.


Have your hardware produced and distributed

Setting up and scaling your production from a few to thousands of units is hard. We help you to manufacture and distribute your project, from batch size 1. Launch your product on our microfactory network.

How it works.

Creators upload their PROJEQT. Refaqt validates the manufacturability and creates the production recipes.

Refaqt equips its Producers with the right machines, tools and materials or helps installing a FAQTORY at your premises. 

Products and components are locally produced and distributed whenever you need them. Take-back components are reintegrated.

Our FAQTORY's capabilities

CNC milling


3D printing


Laser & waterjet cutting


and more...


Prototype effortlessly using our CNC milling solution.


Forget time-consuming outsourcing.

Produce metal components in-house in no time and iterate your designs faster.


A simple workflow from 3D design to finished part

No need for skilled operators or CNC machining expertise.

Buy our FAQTORY CNC milling machine.

Pro CNC - Education Bundle (S)


FAQTORY CNC Refaqt add-ons

Powerful REFAQT add-ons

CNC Machine Specifications

Materials you can mill

Steel, soft metals, plastics, wood, carbon fibre, …

Achievable tolerances

< ±0.1 mm

Working volume (incl. Refaqt add-ons)

500 x 400 x 45 mm

Max. travel speed

10 000 mm/min


Air-cooled 2.2 kW VFD – 24000 rpm

Typical material removal rate – polypropylene

> 120 cm³/min

Typical material removal rate – Aluminium 6082

> 30 cm³/min

Linear guide system

Linear ball bearings

Drive system

Ballscrews 16 mm
Nema23 motor 2.2 Nm



Onboarded computer

Raspberry Pi 4 – 2GB RAM

User interface

7″ Touchscreen and keypad

Our mission

To build an open, distributed manufacturing ecosystem in which anyone can locally produce, repair, and refurbish high-quality mechanical products and all contributors get fairly rewarded.

We believe sustainable manufacturing is localized and open-source.

Localized production

Big overseas factories are efficient for stable mass production, but too rigid to create a flexible supply of spare parts for decades to come.

We solve this by building small factories that can locally produce parts on demand.


How can you efficiently repair something if it is not clear how to do it, and you cannot find spare parts?  

We freely share designs and manufacturing know-how so that everyone can produce any product or component, anywhere in the world.

Help us build the future of manufacturing.


Refaqt is looking for a co-founder and contributors in the following roles:

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