The fastest way to build your own mechanical equipment in-house.

Refaqt provides R&D teams with affordable solutions to manufacture and customize their own high-end mechanical equipment.

Produce custom components in no time with our CNC milling solution.

Milling square

An affordable yet powerful CNC milling machine

Cut soft metal parts with dimensions up to 400 x  400 x 50 mm³.


An easy workflow from 3D design to finished part

No need for skilled operators or CNC machining expertise.


High dimensional accuracy. Industry grade surface finish

Our machine uses balls screws, linear ball bearings and a high-power spindle.


Always the right tools and right-size material blanks

We make sure that you can immediately start machining.

Metal components

Adapt and produce open-source community designs.

Select designs from a library and fit them to your application. Immediately obtain the required manufacturing recipes.


Need help building an affordable and customizable experiment setup?

We have over 15 years of experience in designing and building high-tech mechanical equipment.

Our mission

to empower anyone to locally produce and repair high-quality mechanical devices.

We believe sustainable manufacturing is localized and open-source.

Localized production

Big overseas factories are efficient for stable mass production, but too rigid to create a flexible supply of spare parts for decades to come.

We solve this by building small factories that can locally produce parts on demand.


How can you efficiently repair something if it is not clear how to do it, and you cannot find spare parts?  

We freely share designs and manufacturing know-how, such that everyone can produce any product or component, anywhere in the world.

Help us to build the future of manufacturing.


Do you get thrilled by building a vibrant community of open-source hardware developers? Are you a great storyteller and do you want to help us to expand our reach? Or do you like building machines? 

Do you want to stay updated about our activities?

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